Dr. Chantell Beaty, DBA

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Global Economic Strategist, Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) Specialist, Poverty Alleviation (PA) and Agent for Social Change.

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Who Is Dr. Chantell Beaty?

IASC, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), IASC Business Development Foundation President, and the University of IASC Director/Professor. The owner of C.R. Beaty & Associates. LLC; The Cybercurrency Firm, LLC; Virtual Wealth Builders, LLC; Book of Ruth Cosmetics, LLC; IASC Global Logistics, LLC; and President of The Research Truth Project. United States Director of Treasurelight, LTD, a business collaboration of representatives in Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Founder and President of Pan African Nationalism Leadership Council (PANLC).

Dr. Beaty is a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - with special reference to International Business and Marketing at Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. A certified researcher and Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) economic specialist with extensive research and study in BOP markets. Doctoral research study: Business Leaders Marketing to Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers of Nigeria. Dr. Beaty has over 25 years in business administration. Dr. Beaty’s careers include an extensive profile of experience with the United States Federal Government, GSA; Department of Homeland Security, FEMA (Unsung Heroes Award); and Department of Defense, United States Air Force, civilian duty. Dr. Beaty’s background in education extends from teaching at the local college to teaching as a certified math teacher in a range of grades from elementary to high school, special education to gifted and talented, and now managing her own start up University for business leaders of the world. Dr. Beaty’s business ownership background covers a broad range of business knowledge and ownership from sales director to international researcher and consultant. Dr. Beaty is an International Gold Key Scholar, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Texas Wesleyan University.

Dr. Beaty is a former “military brat”, yet long time resident of the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis, and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Beaty is a proud wife, mother, grandmother, and a godmother to several young adults. Dr. Beaty loves family, life, exercise, dancing, outdoor sporting, traveling, reading, writing, and research. Dr. Beaty is the host of the blogtalk radio show Getting Down to Business so We Can Get Things Done, and editor of the newsletter The Real Business Doctor. Dr. Beaty has published several writings, and author of the soon to be released books: The Resurgence of a True Global Society and IASC Incorporated: International Alliance for Strategic Change and Positive Global Social Change. Dr. Beaty is committed to family, life, excellence, and fun.

Academic Services

Thank you for considering me for your writing, editing, and coaching needs. Please read my list of services for more details. Let me know which service(s) you need, and we can begin a contract to secure you an appointment on my calendar.

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Dissertation/Doctoral Study Coaching and Professional APA Editing

As a graduate of Walden University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program, I provide customized services to assist scholars through their doctoral journey. I also work with students from other major University programs in business, including DBA and PhD programs. Please contact me for a professional quote.

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Academic and Professional Editing

Undergraduate students and Graduate students are welcomed for discussion post, assignment, essay, thesis, and term paper review. I work with all academic areas in research and writing.

As a professional editor, I provide professional document review and proofreading. I work with bloggers, authors, and media publishers. Please contact me for a professional quote.

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Academic and Self Publishing

Protecting your academic and intellectual property is imperative. Often, scholars create new designs, models, and products that are a result of their research and writing. I support and train clients on the importance of protecting their intellectual property through use of copyrights, trademarks, patents, and registered designs. I can also help you publish that first book and E-book for your professional portfolio.

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Curriculum Vitae/ Resume Service/ Document Review and Notary

Higher education can lead to career changes and job promotions. I am experienced in working with clients to update their personal and work portfolios and get them ready for job leads and social media such as LinkedIn. A current CV or Resume will help you compete in your field and win. I also review documents and help with preparing cover letters, reference letters, letters of recommendation and referral documents. As a Notary, I assist with document review and helping to prepare self legal documents.

Please call me at 817-986-6162 for any other complete writing services. You may also email me at info@drchantellbeaty.com.

Thank you for your interest, Chantell Beaty, BS, MBA, DBA

Business Services

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Business Canvas for Investors
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Business/Financial/Credit/Tax Consulting and Training
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International Business Consultant and Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) Specialist
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Professional Keynote Speaker/Guest Speaker

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Success Stories

Dr. Beaty is an excellent scholarly tutor and editor. She was always willing to assist me as a doctoral student. Fellow scholars respect Dr. Beaty. I am a recipient of the Doctoral Study of the Year from Walden University. I thus wish to offer my highest recommendation to Dr. Chantel Beaty.

Dr. Harry Kemp, DBA

Chantell, I received IRB approval. Thank you for who you are and all your support.

Dr. Blessing Inubiwon, DBA

Thank you for the support and care you gave me with my Problem Statement. You are an AWESOME lady!

Dr. Enid Thomas, DBA

Thanks for all your great advice!

Zeb Fox

Chantell is the ultimate doctoral study “therapist”. She is very articulate, encouraging, deeply compassionate, thoughtful, insightful coach with a tremendous range of academic and coaching knowledge and expertise. It’s very easy to see that she enjoys coaching strugglers like me. I would recommend Chantell Beaty to anyone who needs to work efficiently. Focusing on writing rather than stress about writing, I got the proposal half way done ( I am still working)! Chantell helped me identify my blocks as well as what I did that worked! She is very responsive and made me feel like I had an ally in the process.

Dr. Kim Combs, DBA

I usually keep my opinion to myself, but I had to share this. I started the DBA program without a real plan. I had moments of self doubt when life in the way of writing or research. During my first residency, I met Dr. Chantell Beaty. Dr. Beaty has been an absolute professional and a great motivator. She basically gets me to stay calm, and keep writing. I am making progress with my study, but I wanted to use this medium to let people know with Doc it is not about quantity, but quality. She is mission focused and a bonafide APA expert! Thanks Dr. Beaty.

Dr. Chinyere Asoh, DBA

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